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ProQuest Mobile

Monday, August 5th

We know how things are for college students – you’re busy.  Between classes, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find time to fit it all in.  And doing research can be vexing, if you have a sudden great idea about a topic or a search, but you’re nowhere near a computer.  […]

Money makes the research go ’round

Monday, July 22nd

July brings a new fiscal year and with it comes renewal requests for many of the databases and other online resources you may need for your academic research. We wanted to share with you the costs of some of these. The viability of these resources for our campus is calculated using a formula of “cost […]

Business Insights: Essentials

Monday, July 15th

Last week we looked at a database that was adding new content, but sometimes our databases completely reinvent themselves.  Such is the case with Business Insights: Essentials, a database from the Gale Corporation. Formerly called Business and Company Resource Center, Gale fully reengineered the search interface, making it much cleaner and easier to use.  You […]

Psychological Insight

Monday, July 8th

Last week we looked at improving the library collection with a new database, but our existing databases are anything but stagnant!  New, up-to-date content is being added to them all the time.  One recent example is Wiley Online Library, which has just added the Handbook of Psychology to its extensive list of interdisciplinary titles. The […]

Pride in the Library

Monday, July 1st

Library collections are vibrant — continually changing and growing.  We enhance the Library collection at IU East with the primary purpose to provide you with reliable and current resources relevant to curricular and research needs.  Electronic resources and databases continue to increase in relevance and usefulness, offering millions of journal articles, encyclopedias, videos, e-books, and […]