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Women’s History

Monday, March 18th

March is Women’s History Month, and a good time to reflect, not just on pioneering women who have changed the world, from Boudica or Hatshepsut to Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice, but those who have changed our own lives, in big and small ways.  Of course, the library stands ready to help you with your […]

Social Workers Unite

Monday, March 11th

March is national Social Work Month, and a great time to recognize the work of all those who are and who are studying to become social workers.  From its origins in combating poverty to the modern effort towards equality and justice, social work has been a source of hope to millions.  First celebrated in 1964, […]

African American History Month

Monday, February 18th

Happy African American History Month!  For most of us, this is a time to hear brief biographies of black pioneers and innovators, and experience a slice of American history that can often be overlooked.  It reminds us of the universality of human achievement.  And the library can help with this – sources like Biography in […]

Ghost of Christmas (Research) Past

Monday, December 24th

Christmas 1776 found the Continental army at its lowest point.  After losing New York, the American Revolutionary army had fled across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.  They were underfed and ill-equipped, and had proven vastly inferior to British troops in almost every way.  Washington himself wrote “I think the game is pretty near up.”  That […]

Driedels at Chava’s House

Monday, December 10th

The driedel game, a popular Hanukah activity for children, grew into an adult passion for my mother (Eva Weinstein; Hebrew name Chava חוה, which means “life”), as she collected another and another and another and…until there was a glass-enclosed cabinet full of dreidels, each with a unique story about how and why it was acquired. […]