The Art of Painting Fences (Or Getting Someone to Do It for You)

The Art of Painting Fences (Or Getting Someone to Do It for You)

This year, the Ripple Effect is promoting Mark Twain’s classic novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer throughout the Wayne County community with plays, Tom Sawyer-themed Family Fun Nights, classroom visits, and more.  And IU East is part of the action – on October 16th Dr. Steven Petersheim will be leading a marathon reading session in the library from 8:00 to 6:00.  You can drop by anytime to read aloud or listen to others read, and participate in reliving all of Tom Sawyer’s classic adventures treasure hunting, whitewashing fences, and attending his own funeral.

But there’s more to learn about Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer, and the library can be your guide.  From biographies to book reviews to literary criticism to historical context, we have material about Twain and his famous protagonist in databases like eBrary, JSTOR, Biography in Context, and ProQuest Literature and Language.   All excellent, scholarly material if you want to carry the ripple effect forward into your classwork, or just learn more about this quintessential American author.

For even more information about Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer, check out the library’s guide here:


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