Ancient history… or Archival Wonders?!?

Ancient history… or Archival Wonders?!?

Did you know?

  • the Indiana University East Archives houses the student newspapers all the way back to the 1970s
  • the Archives contains oral histories documenting a variety of local history topics, including Starr Gennett
  • the Archives has thousands of photographs of IU East from its beginnings in 1971and they are accessible online:
  • the physical Archives is located at the Campus Library in Hayes room 101


As the library’s archivist my goal is to increase awareness of and accessibility to the IU East Archives.  At a recent workshop hosted by the Society of Indiana Archivists we discussed strategies for organizing collections more with finding.  “Finding Aids” describe a collection, including its content, the timeframe covered within the collection, and how it might benefit researchers.  Free archival software allows archives to post these finding aids online and make them searchable using keywords, much in the way you would search for a library book using our online catalog.  My hope is that more people will use the Archives’ collections when they discover all the interesting information available from throughout our 40 year history.


I encourage you to visit the IU East Library or email me at to ask questions about our collections!  We may have some materials that would provide a great primary resource for your history paper, or perhaps we could uncover an old photograph of one of your relatives who formerly attended IU East.  The possibilities are endless!

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