Testing 1,2,3

Hello, hola, greetings, shalom, and howdy!

Logged onto the blog, saw Kelsey’s entry and thought…I’m going to look like a total noob. This is my first time blogging, so don’t judge me for not being as tech savvy as Kelsey yet (Kels-if you’re reading this, coffee date and blogging tutorial are a must in the near future).

Now! On to the blog!

My name is Megan Winn (because all I do is Winn). I am a student ambassador on campus, VP of the Enactus program (Entrepreneurship and Business organization), an honors student and I also film a lot of the “What’s Up!” videos on campus (you know, the ones where I give a huge goofy grin and say “AND THAT’S WHAT’S UP!”).

Fun facts about me:

  • My thumbs are double jointed. It’s kind of creepy but I have never lost a game of thumb war before (any challengers?)
  • I can make an awesome pig noise. I’m serious. If you ever see me on campus, ask me to do it. It’s hilarious.
  • I know how to swing dance. Legitimately. I have a poodle skirt and everything.
  • When I don’t know what to say, I resort to lame knock knock jokes.

             For example:

                  KNOCK KNOCK.

                   (You say ‘Who’s there?!’)

                  Owls Say

                   (You say ‘Owls say who?’)


I am majoring in Communications and hope to become the next Sage Steele (ESPN anchor on Mike and Mike in the Morning). I am extremely active on campus and in the community, so I am always busy (but I love it that way). If I’m not at work or in class, you can catch me at a country concert (not joking, I’ve been to about 27 since May) or hanging out with friends in town at the apartment. My friends and I are super close. None of us are from Richmond, so we are basically each other’s family. We even have family dinners once a week and actually cook and eat together at the table. It’s a blast. That being said, I better start grocery shopping. Chicken fajitas, mexican rice and homemade chips and salsa at 6:30 tonight if you’re interested! See ya in the kitchen!



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