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Monday, January 24th

Hello on this cold and blustery winter’s day. We’re at the end of the second week of the semester and I hope everyone has gotten off to a good start in their classes. A good way to ensure that you will do well in all your classes, and particularly your online classes where face-to-face interaction […]

Discussion Forums

Thursday, November 18th

Good Thursday everyone! One week from today is Thanksgiving and that can only mean that Fall Semester is winding down. I hope you are all having a good semester and your classes are going well. Please keep in mind that it is important to maintain contact with your instructor and ask any questions that you […]

Sharpen The Saw

Wednesday, May 19th

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of my favorite books and I find myself coming back time and time again to it despite the fact that it was first published over 20 years ago. My favorite of the 7 habits just happens to be the 7th one; Sharpen the Saw. Just […]

New Classes for Summer

Thursday, February 25th

Hello Everyone! I just finished putting the schedule of online classes for Summer and Fall 2010 on the IU Everywhere page! You can view the schedule at the link below: There are a couple brand new online courses for Summer that sound very interesting and I wanted to draw your attention to them. They […]

Online Learning: Gaining Popularity

Wednesday, August 13th

Good Afternoon All! Famous politcal pollster John Zogby released a book yesterday in which he discusses trends in American society for the next ten to fifteen years that he has noticed in his polling activities. One of the trends he has spotted and highlighted in his book is online learning will continue to gain popularity […]