First Year

The First-Year Seminar is here for YOU

All new students are required to take the First Year Seminar (UCOL-U 101). The course is taught by enthusiastic faculty who are eager to help students succeed in their first semester at IU East. The course has many benefits including:

  • Connects you with knowledgable faculty and other students who are new to campus.
  • Helps you navigate the campus and learn about valuable resources that are available to you at IU East.
  • Teaches college survival skills such as goal setting, time and money management, study skills, and information literacy, as well as strategies for success in life and throughout your career.
  • Introduces you to and helps you choose which of the many majors available at IU East is right for you.
  • Helps you become familiar with people of diverse backgrounds.

Honors Program Alternative

If you are interested in and accepted into the Honors Program, the Freshman Honors Seminar (HON-H 100) will replace the UCOL-U 101 requirement.