Registrar & Student Records

Submitting Final Grades

The deadline to submit Spring 2015 grades is NOON on Wednesday, May 6th.

Final grades are submitted by faculty through an online process.

Grade Rosters via OneStart/Faculty Center:

  1. Log into OneStart
  2. On the Service tab, select Faculty Systems
  3. Locate the Instructor Information box
  4. Click "Go to Faculty Center"
  5. The Faculty Center will open to the current term and will display your Teaching Schedule.
  6. The Grade Roster link is one of the column headings on your Teaching Schedule. Click the Grade Roster link to display that specific grade roster.

Entering Final Grades on to the Grade Roster via OneStart/Faculty Center

  1. Verify the Term and Roster Type (should be Final Grade).
  2. Enter all grades into the Grade Input fields or click Valid Grades to display a list of valid grade values and select the appropriate grade.
    1. If you enter a grade of FN, the column to enter the Last Attendance Date will not appear until the roster is saved. A date is still required if an FN grade is entered, but the place to enter the date will not show up until the instructor deliberately refreshes the roster. The system will not let you enter a date in this field that is not within the Term begin and end dates. This should be the last date that you can document that the student attended class (last class attendance, last quiz or exam taken, last log on to Oncourse, etc.)
    2. If the student never attended the class, enter a grade of FNN. It is not necessary to enter a Last Date of Attendance for FNN grades.
    3. Students who dropped during the 100% refund period (first week of class) will not appear on the final grade roster.
    4. There will be a placeholder grade of ZZ for students who are taking Indiana University classes through another university. You will submit their grades on that university's grade roster.
  3. Click SAVE often, throughout the grading process, in order NOT to be timed out of SIS!
  4. When finished, click SAVE and verify that all grades have been entered and are correct.
  5. Once you are satisfied that all the grades are correct, click "APPROVE and SUBMIT to REGISTRAR."