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Parul Khurana, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Whitewater Hall 253


  • 2010 – Ph.D. in Plant Cell Biology; Purdue University, West Lafayette IN
  • 2002 – M.S. in Plant Molecular Biology; University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi, INDIA
  • 2000 – B.S. (Honors) Botany, University of Delhi, New Delhi, INDIA

Current Research Interests

Root Gravitropism; Actin Cytoskeleton; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Biology Education Research

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Khurana, P. (2016, February). Use of a Hybrid Padagogical Model to Improve Student Engagement and Learning. Presentation at the Indiana Faculty Collaboratives Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Henty, J.L., Bledsoe, S.W., Khurana, P., Meagher, R.B., Day, B., Blanchoin, L., and Staiger, C.J. (2011). Arabidopsis actin depolymerizing factor4 modulates the stochastic dynamic behavior of actin filaments in the cortical array of epidermal cells. Plant Cell 23: 3711-3726.
  • Whippo, C.W., Khurana, P., Davis, P.A., DeBlasio, S.L., Daniel, DeS., Staiger, C.J., and Hangarter, R.P. (2011). THRUMIN1 is a light-regulated actin-bundling protein involved in chloroplast motility. Current Biology 21: 59-64.
  • Blanchoin, L., Boujemaa-Paterski, R., Henty, J.L., Khurana, P., and Staiger, C.J. (2010). Actin dynamics in plant cells: A team effort from multiple proteins orchestrates this very fast-paced game. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 13: 714-723.
  • Khurana, P., Henty , J.L., Huang, S., Staiger, A.M., Blanchoin, L., and Staiger, C.J. (2010). Arabidopsis VILLIN1 and VILLIN3 have overlapping and distinct activities in actin bundle formation and turnover. Plant Cell 22: 2727-2748.
  • Zhang, H., Qu, X., Bao, C., Khurana, P., Wang, Q., Xie, Y., Zheng, Y., Chen, N., Blanchoin, L., Staiger, C.J., and Huang, S. (2010). Arabidopsis VILLIN5, an actin filament bundling and severing protein, is necessary for normal pollen tube growth. Plant Cell 22: 2749-2767.
  • Staiger, C.J., Sheahan, M.B., Khurana, P., Wang, X., McCurdy, D.W., and Blanchoin, L. (2009). Actin filament dynamics are dominated by rapid growth and severing activity in the Arabidopsis cortical array. Journal of Cell Biology 184: 269-280.
  • International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (2005). The map-based sequence of the rice genome. Nature 436: 793-800.

Selected Academic Awards/Recognitions

  • Induction into Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET; 2016)
  • Indiana University East’s New Faculty Teaching Award (2014)


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