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Errol A. Huffman

Lecturer in Chemistry and Biology
Whitewater Hall 282
(765) 973-8256


  • M.S., Chemistry, Miami University, 2002
  • B.S., Education, Indiana University, 1995

Current Research Interests

Polyalkynes, compounds containing conjugated carbon-carbon triple bonds, have previously been isolated from a broad range of organisms including club fungi.  Antiviral and antitumor activities have been attributed to many of the naturally occurring acetylenes making them targets of study for ultimate biosynthetic production in industrially important plants and micro-organisms.  The isolation and characterization of this class of compounds will lead to the design of putative substrates for future enzyme structure/function studies.  This is a focus of study that will broaden our understanding in this important area of biochemistry.

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Cahoon, E. B.; Schnurr, J.; Huffman, E. A.; Minto, R. E. "Fungal Responsive Fatty Acid Acetylenases Occur Widely in Evolutionarily Distant Plant Families", Plant Journal, 2003, 34, 671-83


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