BS in Nursing

Typical 4 year Schedule for the Traditional BSN Student

Important Notes

  • All developmental course work and the following freshman year courses must be completed to be eligible for the program.
  • Admission is for fall semesters only.
  • Nursing major courses cannot be taken before admission to the BSN program.
  • Non-nursing courses may be taken prior to admission to the program, if desired.
  • Once admitted, Nursing program courses must be taken during the corresponding semester identified in this table.

Semester One & Two & Summer (Pre-Nursing; prior to admission)

Semester Three (Students admitted into the BSN program)

Semester Four

Summer Semester

  • NURS-H 355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health Care Research (pre-req MATH-N 111)
  • Cultural Diversity Course

Semester Five and Six

**Offered semester 5--Students must complete NURS-H 353 and NURS-H 354 prior to taking
NURS-H 361 and NURS-H 362 in semester 6.

Semester Seven

  • NURS-S 470 Restorative Health: Multi-System Failures
  • NURS-S 471 Restorative Health : Multi-System Failures Practicum
  • NURS-S 472 A Multi-Systems Approach to Health of the Community
  • NURS-S 473 A Multi-Systems Approach to Health of the Community Practicum
  • Humanistic Apreciation

Semester Eight