Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

About the Program

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics offers graduate level education in mathematics. The program is intended for students who wish to prepare for admission to graduate studies at another institution, or for holders of a Master's degree in a discipline other than mathematics, who teach mathematics classes at the community college level. The program is also open to high school teachers who wish to obtain the qualification to teach Advanced Placement courses.

It should be noted that transfer of graduate credits to other institutions is not guaranteed.
However, all credits of the Graduate Certificate in Mathematics articulate into Indiana University East's Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics (MAT). (The Graduate Certificate requirements are identical to the core requirements of the MAT)

Format of the Program

The Graduate Certificate is 100% online. It provides flexibility in scheduling and offers classes in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete 18 credits at the Graduate Level in Mathematics. At least 9 of these credits must be taken from IU East. At the beginning of the program, the Director of Graduate Studies in Mathematics will review your undergraduate transcripts and will decide which classes you will need to take. We realize that the requirements for undergraduate programs vary widely, and we will help you select courses that are one step beyond what you have taken as an undergraduate student. For the purpose of this program, any 400-level Mathematics classes may be taken for graduate credit. 

Course requirements

Students must take one course from each of the following five areas:

  1. Analysis (e.g., MATH-M413, M414, M415, M511, M512, M513, M514)
  2. Algebra (e.g., MATH-M403, M404, M501)
  3. Topology/Geometry (e.g., MATH-M421, M521, M522)
  4. Applications (e.g., MATH-M447, M448)
  5. Probability/Statistics (e.g., MATH-M463, M466)

Students who have not taken MATH-M393 (Bridge to Abstract Mathematics), or equivalent, during their undergraduate career will be required to take this course. This course serves as the prerequisite for the Analysis, Algebra, and Topology classes.

Sample Degree Plan


MATH-M447 Mathematical Models
MATH-M413 Real Analysis


MATH-M448 Mathematical Models II
MATH-M463 Probability


MATH-M404 Modern Algebra II
MATH-M421 Introduction to Topology

Further Information

For further Information, please contact

Young You                                       or                  Teresa Price

Assistant Professor, Mathematics                               Academic Advisor

765-973-8471                                                             765-973-8519