Courses in Biotechnology

BIOL-T 101 Introduction to Biotechnology (2 cr)

This introductory course is designed specifically for the IU East B.S. degree in Biotechnology. Come explore your questions about biotechnology, including: what biotechnology is, how it relates to agriculture, industry health and the environment, and what impact it will have on the economic development of our region.

  • Suggested prerequisites: 1 year of high-school biology, and 1 year of high school chemistry.
  • Prerequisite: ENG-W 131 (may be taken concurrently)
  • Recommended Corequisite: T105

BIOL-T 105 Basic Laboratory Techniques (2 cr)

This is the laboratory portion for T101.

  • Prerequisite: T101 (lecture portion, may be taken concurrently)

BIOL-T 201 Bioinformatics (3 cr)

Bioinformatics is the study of the use of computer systems to locate, analyze, manipulate, synthesize and present biological information.  This course will consider the theoretical aspects of bioinformatics and use computers to provide first hand experience with various biological information systems.  While focusing primarily on genomics and proteomics, the course considers as many of the diverse aspects of bioinformatics as possible.

  • Prerequisites: T101

BIOL-T 305 Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory (2 cr)

Contact Biotechnology department for details.