B.S. in Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology provides you with a background in the biological and technical sciences in preparation for employment or advanced study. The degree program will prepare you for study beyond the baccalaureate, such as graduate school, medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, or allied health.

General Education (39 cr)

Composition & Communication (9)
College-level Mathematics (3)
Natural Science & Mathematics (9)
Humanities & Fine Arts (9)

(One studio course is allowed; ENG-W 131, 132, SPCH-S 121, and introductory World Language courses are all excluded)

Behavioral & Social Sciences (9)

Additional Requirements (0-2 cr)

First-Year Seminar (0-2)

Students entering the program with less than 12 credit hours of transferable credit are required to complete the First Year Seminar (UCOL-U 101).

Degree Requirements (92 cr)

Natural Science & Mathematics Core Requirements (39-41)
Biology Requirements (31-32)
Capstone (0-1)
Biotechnology Electives (15-21)
General Electives (0-10)
  • Additional courses to total 124 credits if needed after completing all other requirements.