Courses in Philosophy

PHIL-P 100 Introduction to Philosophy (3 cr)

Perennial problems of philosophy, such as problems in ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.
Offered every fall semester.

PHIL-P 105 Thinking and Reasoning (3 cr)

Basic rules of correct reasoning: roles of definitions and of language in thinking; roles of observation, hypothesis, and theory in knowledge; basic techniques for gathering information, testing beliefs for truth, and problem solving.
Offered spring semesters.

PHIL-P 120 Ethics (3 cr)

A study of ethical values in relation to such problems as personal and societal decision making, selection and justification of life style, goal orientation, conflict resolution, freedom and creativity, commitment and responsibility.
Offered fall, spring, summer, online and classroom.

PHIL-P 140 Introduction to Ethics (3 cr)

Philosophers’ answers to ethical problems (e.g., nature of good and evil, relation of duty to self interest, objectivity of moral judgments).
Offered fall and spring semester.

PHIL-P 200 Problems of Philosophy (3 cr)

Selected writings of modern philosophers concerning some of the most important philosophical problems.
Offered occasionally.

PHIL-P 282 Women in Philosophical Thought (3 cr)

An analysis of historical and contemporary philosophical writings that incorporate beliefs about the nature of women,their social roles, and status. The aim is for you to examine these beliefs systematically so as better to understand the implications of your own beliefs.
Offered occasionally.

PHIL-P 371 Philosophy of Religion (3 cr)

Topics such as the nature of religion, of religious experience, the status of claims of religious knowledge, the nature of existence of God.
Offered occasionally.

PHIL-P 393 Biomedical Ethics (3 cr)

A philosophical consideration of ethical problems that arise in current biomedical practice, e.g. with regard to abortion, euthanasia, determination of death, consent to treatment, and professional responsibilities in connection with research, experimentation, and health care delivery.
Offered even-numbered spring semesters.

PHIL-P 497 Internship in Philosophy (1-3 Cr.)

Designed to provide academic credit for paper or other project done for supervisor of the intern in a given semester. You will also be assisting in some course(s) in this department. Does not count toward the major in philosophy. May not be repeated.
Offered on request.

  • Prerequisite: Minimum 3 hrs. prior philosophy. Departmental approval required.