Communication Studies

"Communication" describes a wide range of learned skills that allow people to function effectively in society. The Department of Communication Studies at IU East offers courses that help people develop and refine their "communication" skills, translating them into a tangible advantage leading to success in every area of life. Students of communication develop their interpersonal and public communication abilities, and learn to appropriate various communication media: TV/video, journalism, desktop publishing, and visual images.

Communication graduates have been employed in a diverse array of fields, including public relations and marketing, financial services, higher education administration, health care industry management, the pharmaceutical industry, event planning, real estate, and the non-profit sector. Others have attended graduate school and still others have joined community service efforts like Teach for America or the Peace Corps.

What can I do with a degree in Communication?

Here is a partial list of career possibilities obtained from the National Communication Association.

  • Community Relations Director
  • Publications Editor
  • Museum Curator
  • Editor
  • Publicist
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Career and Training Advisor
  • Advertising Executive
  • Script Writer
  • Newspaper Publisher
  • Speechwriter
  • Sports Marketer
  • Public Affairs Director
  • Media Relations
  • TV Production
  • Video Editing
  • Technical Writing

Communication studies news

Faculty research

Dr.Rosalie Aldrich

Dr. Rosalie Aldrich (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies) is currently analyzing data for her study “Willingness to Intervene against Suicide,” which is being conducted to better understand college students’ beliefs about suicide and peer suicide intervention. Dr. Aldrich notes that this work is especially important because college students are nearly twice as likely to experience suicide compared to non-students of the same age range.

Student work

Sonja Bittner

IUE online student Sonja Bittner’s senior year has been filled with communication studies courses including J110, C122, C334, C450, and C490.

Her fall semester coursework included an analysis of public broadcasting, a profile of a newly-launched magazine, and a discussion of her favorite ad campaign, among other topics.

Sara Bowman

Freshman nursing major Sara Bowman recently presented a speech about a timely issue--the misuse of emergency room care--in her S121 (Public Speaking) class.

Many of her classmates were surprised to hear that over 30% of the 130 million ER visits that occur annually in the US are unnecessary, costing an estimated $117 billion.

Jaimi Hemmerich

Sophomore Jaimi Hemmerich is expertly balancing a copywriting career while pursuing a degree in communication studies.

During the fall semester, Jaimi studied and reported on social issues related to advertising--including gender and race representation and tween marketing--for her C315 (Advertising and Consumer Culture) course.

Summer 2014 courses

Summer 2014 courses