School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Advising

Students who choose a major within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) will meet with an HSS School advisor to plan their academic coursework. Most students will work with a School advisor for their first two academic years, to help ensure successful completion of General Education degree requirements and entry-level courses for the major. Transfer students also meet with a School advisor in order to plan their first semester of coursework within HSS.

When you reach junior class standing, you will begin to meet with a faculty advisor within your major. This allows you to work directly with faculty in your area of interest, and these advisors can often help facilitate internship or job shadowing opportunities and support you with application processes for graduate schools and professional degree programs.

If you have questions about any of the degree programs in Humanities and Social Sciences, or which might be the best degree for you, please contact Pat Doughty for an advising appointment. We can help you see how particular classes will fit into each program, or how to find an HSS minor that could complement your major.