Honors Program

Honors Curriculum

Students in the Honors Program are required to complete the following curriculum:

H100, “Freshman Honors Seminar” (3 credits)

Team-taught, interdisciplinary, special topics course with an introduction to research, service learning, & portfolio writing.

15 credit hours of H-option courses

Any existing college level course may be offered with an Honors (H) option.  Instructors may integrate this option into their courses or offer Honors-only sections; or you, as an Honors student, may request an H-option from your instructor during priority registration. 

H499, “Honors Senior Thesis” (3-6 credits)

In your junior or early senior year, you will enroll in H499, a one-semester independent study, to complete your Honors Project.  This scholarly, creative, or service learning project is completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor.  It will be submitted as part of  your honors portfolio and must be accepted by the Honors Committee in order to graduate from the Honors Program. 

Add/Drop H-Option Courses

Students who have already been accepted into the Honors Program simply need to register for the “H” section. 

All students have the opportunity to take one honors embedded course prior to acceptance into the program.  This allows students to “try out” honors level work.  A grade of B or better must be achieved in order for the course to count toward the Honors Program. 

Students may drop out of the H section and transfer into the regular section for the course if they find they are unable to complete the work.  This is accomplished through two steps:

  • notify the instructor of the desired change
  • register this change with the registrar’s office at least two weeks before the end of the semester. 

It is the student’s responsibility to see that these two steps are successfully followed.  In this case, the instructor will count only that work required for the regular course to determine a student’s grade.