SoE: Candidate Progress Monitoring

Faculty in the IUE School of Education are dedicated to the goal of preparing high quality teachers to work in community schools. Each of our Teacher Education Program exceeds state and national expectations for a College of Education and our teachers are sought out by local school districts as employment opportunities become available.

To ensure the ongoing quality of our work, the faculty has created a model for assessment which is used to monitor student progress and program effectiveness. Various assessment techniques are utilized to provide information during the ongoing evaluation of each student’s individual achievement. In addition to traditional methods of standardized teacher assessment, student progress and strengths are evaluated using directed self-reflection and authentic work such as professional observation and documented application of practical skills during extensive hours of field work. 

As part of a network of Teacher Colleges, the following National, State, and University standards have guided the development of the IUE School of Education Assessment Model:

  1. Interstate New Teacher Assessment & Support Consortium (INTASC) principles used by the Indiana Division of Professional Standards (DPS)
  2. Indiana University East Learning Objectives
  3. School of Education Conceptual Framework

SoE: Examination Requirements

State requirements for teacher licensing periodically change to coincide with state education legislation and policy. As of September 1, 2013, the CASA exam replaces the Praxis 1 exam as a requirement to admission to our Teacher Education Program (both elementary and secondary.)  If the Praxis 1 exam was passed prior to this date, those scores will be accepted.

Elementary Education students take the following exams:

  • CASA exam - passing scores required for Admission to Teacher Education Program (TEP) and licensing by the state of Indiana
  • Praxis II- passing scores required prior to licensure with the Indiana Department of Education. Students register for 5031 the first time - to take all four subtests at once. If one or more sections needs to be re-taken, students may register for those subtests individually.  Listed below are the passing scores:
    • 5032 - Reading Language Arts Subtest - 165 is passing
    • 5033 - Math Subtest - 164 is passing
    • 5034 - Social Studies Subtest - 165 is passing
    • 5035 - Science Subtest - 159 is passing
  • Tests to add additional teaching areas to your license may be found on the ETS website.

Secondary Education students take the following exams:

  • CASA exam - passing scores required for Admission to Teacher Education Program (TEP) and licensing by the state of Indiana
  • Praxis II exam - must be attempted before being admitted to the TEP.  Must be passed before licensure with the Indiana Department of Education.  Given below are the computer-delivered exam numbers and passing scores:
    • 5235 - Biology (Life Science) - 157
    • 5245 - Chemistry - 151 (Both Chemistry & Physics must be passed to be licensed in "Physical Science")
    • 5265 - Physics - 149
    • 5041 - English - 160
    • 5941 - History (World and U.S.) - 158
    • 0930 - Political Science (Government) - 390 (This test is only paper-delivered.)
    • 5061 - Mathematics - 136
  • The complete list of exams and cut scores for Middle School and Secondary Schools can be found on the ETS website.

IUE School of Education: Admission and Retention

After admission to the School of Education, and successful completion of prerequisites, candidates are required to download and fill out an application to the Teacher Education Program that best matches their career choice. Apply

Portfolio Guidelines:

Be sure to check with your School of Education Faculty Advisor for the latest information as you complete the Portfolio process.

Professional Expectations (Dispositions)

The disposition to teach is a professionally developed skill which requires candidates to enter a Teacher Education Program with

  • a strong desire to teach
  • a developed habit to think critically about relevant issues, and
  • an understanding of how important the teaching profession is to the social fabric within every community, and
  • a willingness to develop the necessary skills to possess a professional disposition to teach

SoE Disposition Documentation Forms