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Workshop Schedule

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Please E-mail the CTL or call x8561. (765-973-8561 off campus) Most workshops are held in the CTL located in (RW) Springwood Hall Suite 202, unless otherwise indicated.

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January 2015
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Intro to Canvas,  10am-noon

Canvas Intensive "Work on your Course"     Session                   1-4pm, 202 Springwood

Canvas Intensive       "Work on your Course" Session  9am-noon, 202 Springwood

Online Orientation to Canvas and IU Systems for new faculty 1-3pm

Canvas Getting started for School of Ed.       9-11am, TR226          

Canvas Intensive "Work on your Course" Session       1-4pm, 202    Springwood



Online Intro to Canvas 10am-Noon Online:              http://connect.iu. edu/iuectlonline/


Canvas Intensive       "Work                     on your          Course"   Session               9am-noon,      202            Springwood


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First day of class SP2014

Online Session: Get your canvas questions answered, 4pm-5pm

http://connect.iu. edu/iuectlonline/



Canvas Intensive "Work         on your Course" Session 9am-Noon, 202 Springwood

Chera Laforge,       CTL Fellow, Presentation:    Building Civic Engagement in   Online      Learners                  1-2, 202         Springwood

Canvas Intensive "Work on your Course"      Session,                  1-4pm,                202            Springwood

Adobe Connect for Virtual Office Hours and Recording Lectures, 11am-Noon, 202 Springwood

Online Orientation to Canvas and IU Systems for New Faculty 3-4pm            http://connect.iu       .edu/iuectlonline/

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Martin Luther King Holiday, Campus Closed

Online Session:           Migrating Your           Email from                 Cyrus to       Exchange                3-4pm                online              http://connect.        online/




Canvas Intensive   "Work on             your Course" Session,              9am-Noon,             202             Springwood


"Applying                   the                   Quality                 Matters            Rubric"        Workshop               9am-4pm


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  Online Session: What is Box and How do I use it?    3-4pm                                   /iuectlonline/