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Online Course Development Program (High-Enrollment)-Call For Applicants

IU East Online Programs is looking for faculty applicants to develop high-enrollment online courses (100+ students). Based on marketing research, high-enrollment courses tend to be required and elective courses that 1) apply across disciplines, 2) appeal to employment trends, and 3) embrace pop culture.

The Online Course Development Program is open to any university faculty applicant (full or part time) with a Masters Degree or higher in a specialized field. Current Indiana University East faculty are given first priority. All program recipients must sign Indiana University’s Intellectual Property Policy. Applications are due by March 3, 2014.

Reusable Learning Objects

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Faculty & Staff at IU East have provided us with some of their successful lesson modules for re-use by other classrooms here on campus.

Finding a Learning Object

Log in to the Share Point server, then search for the learning object. We are in the process of adding learning modules now, so keep checking back.

Sharing your Learning Objects

Contact us at the CTL if you have a unit or module you'd like to make available to others on campus.