Day 11

Today, I awoke to prep for the normal meeting at La Brasilera. I decided to take a video of the walk from our hotel room to the café for pure memory sake. The nice ten minute walk through the main street of town to ‘The Flagship’ would serve for a nice reminder of the town itself. At the composition lecture, Giacomo Platini played a couple of his pieces that definitely had a stronger ‘20th century’ vibe about them. He also discussed his fascination with computer music and synthesized effects in recording. The afternoon concert today was a compilation of guest composer’s pieces. Gibson, McKinley and Farmer were on the docket as well as a John Adams piece. All were pieces for solo violin with piano accompaniment. Later, the evening concert featured our first orchestra pieces. Put on by the Romanian State Philharmonic Orchestra, the repertoire included Shostakovich, Chachaturian, Adashi, Bloch, and Prokofiev.

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