Day 10

Today, we had the usual morning trend of meeting at the flagship and traveling to the cafeteria for lunch. After lunch, we had our composition lecture today with Judah Adashi. We got to hear a beautiful solo marimba piece as well as his orchestra piece which is to be performed later in the week. Both were amazing works followed by some keen tips and insight into his process. Later, I went shopping with a few people from St. Mary’s College and bought a local brand of strawberry jam for my grandmother. I wanted to buy a pair of clothes for myself, but when the store we went to was showing prices on shirts around 70 Euros AT THE CHEAPEST, we bailed on that whole idea. The afternoon concert was put on by the Trio des Alpes performing two lengthier pieces by Dvorak and Ravel. After dinner at Duchessa (a pizza place in town), we attended the evening concert featuring the WienerKammer Symphony Ensemble performing Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert. The usual thunderous applause called for two encore performances.

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