Day 5 – Saturday, May 26th

Today was a busy day for me! I awoke for breakfast followed by lunch and as per usual, our composition lesson. Today our lesson was conducted by Dr. Elliott Mckinley (our professor). He showed us some of his recent works, again, followed by insight into the compositional process. Immediately afterward, I met with the Klezmer group to plan our addition to the Saturday concert. Unfortunately, we had no direct access to any percussion instruments, so, on Monday, Dr. Forest Toby and I planned to meet at a local music rental store to see what we could do. In the meantime, I was tasked with writing out some percussion parts for the three pieces we would be performing. Afterward, I quickly changed in the hotel and made my way over to the Chiesa di San Giuseppe for the Siren Quintet’s reading of our pieces. Disappointment followed as there was apparently a terrible miscommunication to the group. We had sent in our pieces months ago and they had just been handed to the group at the beginning of the festival. They were told it was to be an unrecorded sight-reading, where it was actually meant to be a recorded performance. After a lot of start and stop readings, the quintet informed us of the miscommunication and apologized greatly for the incident, offering to record for us again sometime. After dinner, we proceeded to another concert at the Chiesa di San Domenico for a Baroque concert. With wonderful pieces by Handel, Albinoni, Vivaldi, and Bach, the concert proved to be another beautiful success, followed by a fun encore featuring a pizzicato twist on a famous jazz piece.

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