Day 2 – Italy

I awoke slightly earlier than my two roommates (thanks to the extra couple hour nap that I had taken the day before) so I utilized the time to write up Day 1’s blog. As we neared our 10am meeting time, we made our way to la brasilera for a quick bite (as is customary for breakfast in Italy) and coffee. After chatting and hanging out for a couple of hours, we went to lunch in a cafeteria lunch room style venue. We lined up, grabbed trays, and chose from a good selection of meals. Once we finished our lunches, we met at St Mary’s College at 1pm for our Music Composition Class. We talked with David Froom, composition instructor from the St. Mary’s College of Maryland, about composition as a whole and stylistic approaches as well as the details of our recordings (which will be produced by him) that will be made later in the week for the pieces that we wrote for the Siren Quintet’s concert. Once this class ended, we were free to spend time in town for the rest of the afternoon/evening as the festivities for the Alba International Music Festival wouldn’t be starting until the next day (Thursday).

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