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Best of….

Monday, December 27th

Of course this is the time of year when reflection is rampant and “best of…” lists beset us.  So why should the library be any different?  So here’s a smattering of selected websites popular with some IU East library staff.  Enjoy!  Lora uses the Charity Navigator as a reliable way to research a charity […]

Let a Web 2.0 Tool increase your success in searching!

Monday, June 28th

Have you heard of the Campus Library Toolbar? This exciting tool is incredible.  Want to go to Oncourse?  You’re there!  Need access to OneStart?  Click and select.  Does the schedule of classes get lost in the shuffle?  Just point and click!  Include the value-added links to Campus Library resources and services and you have a […]

Jargon Junction

Monday, March 1st

This is Matt again. So, in case you hadn’t noticed, the library’s just launched a new web site.  And one big thing that’s changed was something that surprised me. A lot of the words I use all the time and think are obvious are instead off-putting jargon to people.  So while the old website was […]