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Education Videos

Monday, June 17th

A few weeks ago we looked at VAST, a multidisciplinary video source that can help you with your projects and presentations.  But we have a lot of more specialized video databases, and if you are interested in education, one of them has just grown a lot bigger. Education in Video has just added content from […]

The Technology is a Changin’

Monday, April 22nd

You might have heard that VHS tape players are being removed from all classrooms starting next semester.  If you’ve ever used a video in your projects or presentations, you’ll need a more modern format from now on.  Of course, you’re probably already used to using modern media like DVDs.  But even those sources can be […]

Streaming Video You Can Use

Monday, March 26th

We all enjoy using YouTube and other streaming video sites like it.  It’s a great source for amusing movies of cats or music videos or kids waving sticks around like they’re in a Star Wars film.  But wouldn’t it be great if this powerful tool could be used for your classes?  Well, you’re in luck.  […]

The Library Show with Heidi Huff

Monday, November 21st

Last year I had the opportunity to see the Late Show with David Letterman. He’s a Hoosier ya know (   We were instructed to clap when the APPLAUSE sign lit up, act like he was the funniest person we’d ever met, and be quiet at all other times, including: don’t leave your seat, don’t shout […]