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A Collegial Meeting

Monday, May 10th

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) annual conference in Indianapolis to present at the poster session.  There were many interesting exhibits there, on a number of hot topics in the library world. Ball State showcased a presentation on their evolving web interface.  Purdue University featured the results […]

Video Tour Contest

Monday, January 25th

Hey, this is Matt again.   So, now that we have a video tour, what next?  Now it’s your turn!  The library is launching a contest for informational videos.  They don’t have to be full tours, although they can be.  You can highlight anything you want – a resource you particularly like, favorite places to be […]

NO, I am not getting paid to play with Barbies!

Monday, January 18th

Hey, Matt here again, reference and media coordinator for the library. So, some of our regular patrons have been seeing my office strewn with Barbie dolls. And no doubt you’ve thought that me dressing and posing toys is a phenomenal use of your tuition money. But it’s all been for a purpose! I promise! We […]