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Starting to Research

Monday, May 12th

Whether you’ve been a student for a long time or are just getting started, knowing how to do good research can be a challenge.  You’re probably great at finding movie times with Google, browsing Wikipedia for quick information, and maybe you even do your shopping or banking online.  So you know that you’re good with […]

Mental Health Resources

Monday, September 30th

October 6th – 12th is National Mental Health Awareness Week, a yearly effort by the National Alliance on Mental Illness to foster discussion and understanding for people with mental illnesses.  They focus on grassroots efforts and community-level events to spread awareness, and the local NAMI organization has events planned for Richmond. But what if you […]

So, If I Can’t Use Wikipedia, What Do I Use?

Monday, April 1st

You’ve heard it before – you can’t use Wikipedia for this assignment.  This actually isn’t new – long before Wikipedia was invented, students in past generations were often banned from citing any encyclopedia for some assignments, because professors want students to use more in-depth sources.  But let’s say you really need a comprehensive encyclopedia for […]

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

Monday, March 4th

A common question students have is, “How do I tell if an article has been peer-reviewed?”  A peer-reviewed journal is one in which other experts in the field read the articles before they are printed, and verify that the research is sound and that they are suitable for publication. It is a method for improving […]

Veterans Day

Sunday, November 11th

On this Veterans Day, IU East joins the nation in pausing to thank our brave soldiers, from generations past and present, for their service and courage under fire.  But of course, we are especially proud of those students and employees of our own university who have defended us.  And we want to give back to […]