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Monday, July 29th

As you may have heard, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychological Association’s primary mental health handbook, has recently published a new edition.  It’s been a long time in coming – the DSM-IV came out in 1994 (it was revised in 2000).  This reference work is the primary tool for diagnosing […]

Take a Picture: Reference Question of the Week

Monday, February 11th

An interesting reference question that’s popped up a few times this week concerns finding information about old artists and photographers.   The best source to start with is Biography in Context.  Type in the name of your artist – you’ll find biographies and articles.  Let’s say we’re interested in Augustus Washington, who was active in the […]

Streamlined Reference

Monday, April 4th

If you’ve visited the library recently, you know we’re always fine-tuning things here.  Our most recent change involves the reference books.  These used to be split up into two sections – reference and biography books, in two different places.  We’ve combined them into one easy-to-use collection.  Both types of books now make up the first […]

Real Scholarship

Monday, March 22nd

This is Matt here again. So, I recently had a research question I’d like to share with you.  One of our excellent faculty had found a story in a blog online.  Apparently Sarnia, a town in Canada, is experiencing an abnormal shift in birth rates – today, there are two girls born for every boy.  […]