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Psychology Questions

Monday, July 28th

This week, in our ongoing series on how to do research in the major disciplines at IU East, we will look at psychology.  Psychology courses can have a lot of potential research topics – you might be looking for a theorist, a type of treatment, historical issues in psychology, or approach from a mental health […]

Mental Health Resources

Monday, September 30th

October 6th – 12th is National Mental Health Awareness Week, a yearly effort by the National Alliance on Mental Illness to foster discussion and understanding for people with mental illnesses.  They focus on grassroots efforts and community-level events to spread awareness, and the local NAMI organization has events planned for Richmond. But what if you […]


Monday, July 29th

As you may have heard, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychological Association’s primary mental health handbook, has recently published a new edition.  It’s been a long time in coming – the DSM-IV came out in 1994 (it was revised in 2000).  This reference work is the primary tool for diagnosing […]

Psychological Insight

Monday, July 8th

Last week we looked at improving the library collection with a new database, but our existing databases are anything but stagnant!  New, up-to-date content is being added to them all the time.  One recent example is Wiley Online Library, which has just added the Handbook of Psychology to its extensive list of interdisciplinary titles. The […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

Monday, May 9th

May is Mental Health Month, so library staff want to share some relevant resources in psychology and mental wellness.  Online journals provide current, readily accessible articles.  We subscribe to two major databases that cover psychological issues: ProQuest Psychology Journals and PsycINFO from EBSCOhost (see last week’s blog for more on EBSCO).  Both are very user-friendly […]