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Finding Theory for Practice

Monday, September 16th

One question that’s been asked a lot recently concerns various nursing theorists.  Our databases can be great sources for this kind of information.  Major nursing databases like CINAHL, Health Source: Nursing Edition, and MedLine are a great place to start. Try truncating or reducing the number of words in the search to find more articles.  For […]

Disease Research

Monday, May 20th

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, but whether you have a research interest in Hepatitis or in any infectious disease, the library is the place to go for information.  We all do some of our research on the Internet – even when we know there are better choices.  But with medical topics, that’s a particularly bad […]

Nursing Searching

Monday, November 7th

Are you starting research on a nursing or medical topic, but unsure where to begin?  Let the library help!  We provide you with access to a lot of cutting-edge scholarship that will make your research easier.  The EBSCO databases CINAHL, MedLine, Health Source Nursing, and Health Source Consumer are a great place to begin.  These […]