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Nursing Questions

Monday, May 26th

Recently, we looked at how to do basic research.  Those techniques will serve you well any time you’re searching for information, but if you’re doing nursing research, there are several great tools available to you at IU East that will help you with this very specialized topic. Medicine is one of the fields where reliance […]

Finding Theory for Practice

Monday, September 16th

One question that’s been asked a lot recently concerns various nursing theorists.  Our databases can be great sources for this kind of information.  Major nursing databases like CINAHL, Health Source: Nursing Edition, and MedLine are a great place to start. Try truncating or reducing the number of words in the search to find more articles.  For […]

Disease Research

Monday, May 20th

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, but whether you have a research interest in Hepatitis or in any infectious disease, the library is the place to go for information.  We all do some of our research on the Internet – even when we know there are better choices.  But with medical topics, that’s a particularly bad […]

Nursing Searching

Monday, November 7th

Are you starting research on a nursing or medical topic, but unsure where to begin?  Let the library help!  We provide you with access to a lot of cutting-edge scholarship that will make your research easier.  The EBSCO databases CINAHL, MedLine, Health Source Nursing, and Health Source Consumer are a great place to begin.  These […]