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Study Spaces, Study Places

Monday, October 28th

As exams and papers come due, you’re probably reaching the point in the semester when you need to do a lot of research.  There are lots of great spaces to be on campus – the Graf center, the Mikesell Plaza (when the weather is nice) – but those aren’t necessarily the best places to study.  […]

Intentional Spaces

Monday, July 11th

This year, while attending the annual American Library Association conference, graduate intern Sarah Gilchrist presented on “The Library Living Room: Creating Learning Relationships” (you can see her poster behind her in the picture).  Thousands of librarians from all over the country attend the ALA annual conference, and Sarah’s presentation gave us a chance to share […]

Library Living Room

Monday, September 6th

The library has a new type of study space!  Quirky and informal, our new Library Living Room, available in Hayes 253 on the second floor of the library, offers a new way to study and learn.  Primarily for teaching classes, the room features all the Smart Classroom amenities you’re already comfortable with, such as a […]