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Coming Out!

Monday, October 10th

October 11 is National Coming Out Day.  This celebration was founded in 1988, just one year after the 1987 Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.  By marching on Washington the LGBT community and allies were hoping to establish the following:  legal recognition of gay and lesbian relationships; an increase in funding […]

Historical Research Resources: real-time and real perspectives

Monday, August 1st

Suppose someone living in the year 2025, or even 2225, wants reliable information about what happened in 2011? Where would be the best place to get information (assuming by then all our brains aren’t pre-wired at birth to the Internet or whatever comes Next)? There are unique considerations when doing historical research, for whatever type […]

127 and counting…more IU East libguides to connect you with the info. you need!

Monday, June 20th

“Libguides” are information resource guides that bring together course or subject content in an organized, easy-to-access format.   The library faculty and staff at the IU East Campus Library are ready and eager to create libguides for any topic that will assist faculty and students access reliable and relevant information.  If you have questions or want […]

Free, yes free…try it now!

Monday, April 11th

If “free” seems too good to be true, ok, it’s only free for a limited time. But truly, “free trials” offered by publishers and vendors are a great opportunity to navigate through all sorts of interesting resources. And your Campus Library really does want your feedback to find out if these are potentially useful purchases.  […]

Libguides: reliable research resources ..Trust the Guide!

Monday, January 31st

IU East Campus Library has reached the milestone of 100 published library guides!  Since September 2009 IU East has been a member of the “Libguides” Community, which includes 1,857 libraries worldwide, representing 28,000 librarians who have contributed almost 140,000 publicly searchable guides on topics ranging from Art to Zoology.  At IU East, our libguides are […]