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Best of….

Monday, December 27th

Of course this is the time of year when reflection is rampant and “best of…” lists beset us.  So why should the library be any different?  So here’s a smattering of selected websites popular with some IU East library staff.  Enjoy!  Lora uses the Charity Navigator as a reliable way to research a charity […]

Dam Rumors

Monday, May 3rd

So, I was on vacation last week, and one of the things I saw on my trip was the Hoover Dam.  I was awed by the scale of the thing, and how much went into planning and creating it – and how much of Nevada, Arizona, and California can exist at all because of the […]

Get good information every time

Sunday, November 15th

The IU East library is designed to be your information center but there may be times when you can’t make it to campus.  When that happens the library’s website is the perfect place to get started on your research.   If you can’t get what you need on our website you might need to use other websites.  Anyone […]