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A to Z at the Library: your virtual door to explore

Monday, June 25th

I know, I know, we’re always pushing you to use our databases.  But there’s just so dang much interesting and useful info in them.  It’s the world beyond Google (and believe me, I’m not a Google-basher; but there’s more to an information-rich life than that). So, in alphabetical order (of course, I am a librarian […]

Research is our Business

Monday, October 17th

Are you starting research in a business topic?  The library subscribes to a lot of business-oriented databases that would be good for you.  For business news, try the EBSCO databases Business Source Premier, Corporate Resource Net, and Communications and Mass Media. You can limit your results to things like full text articles, peer-reviewed articles, and articles […]

Historical Research Resources: real-time and real perspectives

Monday, August 1st

Suppose someone living in the year 2025, or even 2225, wants reliable information about what happened in 2011? Where would be the best place to get information (assuming by then all our brains aren’t pre-wired at birth to the Internet or whatever comes Next)? There are unique considerations when doing historical research, for whatever type […]

Strategies for database searching

Monday, May 2nd

Chances are, if you’ve used a library database, you’ve used one of the EBSCO databases.  Some of the databases provided by the vendor EBSCO are available to Indiana residents through Inspire, and Ohio residents through OhioLink. At IU East, a third of our full-text journals are available through the EBSCO interface.  In 2010, IU East […]

Disappearing Statistics: Why it should matter to you and what you can do about it

Monday, March 28th

Some of you who have come to the library needing statistics for your research may have seen me reach for a book called Statistical Abstract of the United States.  The Census Bureau, which has published it annually since 1878, has announced that it will discontinue producing it.  It is, in the Census Bureau’s words, a […]