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Careers in Aging and Gerontology

Monday, April 6th

The week of April 5th is Careers in Aging Week, an opportunity to explore career options in elder care, as well as to think about the needs of older adults. Various information sessions and visual displays will be offered around campus by gerontology students throughout the week. While our nursing students may already have looked […]

A Jazz Man Cometh

Monday, November 4th

The college experience offers lots of cultural opportunities, and IU East has a great deal to offer beyond the classroom experience.  Live bands, comedians, clubs – even zombie events.  It’s a rich time to grow and enjoy the arts at the same time.  This Friday, there is one such opportunity – The Warren Vaché Sextette […]


Monday, January 23rd

If you tried to use the Internet on Wednesday, you may have noticed that a lot of your favorite sites, like Wikipedia, were down.  Even Google changed its logo with a big black ‘censored’ bar.  All of those outages were in protest of legislation before the U.S. Congress, which could change the laws on how […]