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Why E-Books are Right for You!

Monday, July 2nd

E-books are growing more and more popular in academic and public libraries, and for good reasons!  Here at IU East, there are many benefits for patrons using electronic books.    1. E-books are easily accessible from the comfort of your own home, day or night.  Many IU East students do not live near campus.  Some […]

E-Books are “real books” – really!

Monday, January 24th

Don’t be fooled by the format – e-books are ‘real’ books in every sense that matters, and can make your course assignments easier and better! Practically everyone who has used the Internet has had some experience with e-books.  You might not own a Kindle or an iPad but likely have read something interesting through GoogleBooks […]

What if your book read itself to you?

Monday, November 9th

Hi, this is Matt Dilworth. I do reference here in the library. I’d like to write about a tool the library just upgraded – Ebrary, a database for electronic books. Do you use a Kindle, or Google Books? This is kind of similar. You can get into Ebrary from the library’s main page – click […]