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On-the-go learning: your digital life

Monday, February 10th

This last week featured Digital Learning Day, a time to learn about and use technology effectively to improve education at all levels – from grade school to college to your career.  Technology is all around us – so ubiquitous, in fact, that sometimes we don’t even notice it, or take full advantage of it. At […]

Cure for AIDS?

Monday, August 13th

At the 2012 International AIDS Conference in late July, researchers discussed a potential cure for HIV. We have already made great strides in developing medication that can help to suppress the virus, but it’s hard to imagine we could be so close to curing a virus that has plagued mankind for decades. Does this breakthrough […]

March Madness in the Library!

Monday, March 12th

March Madness is coming! March Madness is coming! March Madness is coming!  If you are as excited by college athletics as I am then you must be amped up for the start of March Madness, also known as the NCAA College Basketball Championship Tournament.  This is a chance for us to see the best in […]

Last Minute Research

Monday, December 5th

This time of year, with everything we have to do, a lot seems to get pushed to the last minute.  Last minute shopping, last minute decorating, last minute cooking, last minute cleaning… and last minute research.  We’ve all been there.  A big assignment, and it’s coming due… but we haven’t had time to do the […]

Healthy Searching

Monday, November 14th

In case you didn’t notice, it SNOWED last week!  This also means we’re entering cold and flu season; and it means you’re likely going to be “Google-ing” your symptoms.  Don’t try to deny it! I recently took an online course from the Reference & User Services Association (RUSA) on Health Information Literacy; which means understanding […]