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Ebooks on Parade

Monday, August 24th

Chances are, if you use ebooks for leisure reading, you use a device like a Kindle, Nook, or iPad. But up until recently, our academic ebooks have not been useable on devices like that – they’ve been more akin to what you would find on Project Gutenberg, GoogleBooks, or the Baen Free Library. Designed for a […]

Building a Student-Friendly Course

Monday, June 15th

Summer may be a welcome respite for students, but it rarely is for faculty! Research, writing articles, attending professional conferences, preparing new programs and courses – a professor’s job is never done. The library has always been a great tool for professors in teaching their classes. It’s a place to send students to broaden their […]


Monday, February 4th

The library collection continues to grow, but you might not have noticed since the rapid increase in books has often been in e-resources.  One excellent example of a new acquisition is the Brill ebook collection, totaling 154 new books in several high-impact collections.  They include materials on religion, classical studies, history, and linguistic studies.  All […]

Why E-Books are Right for You!

Monday, July 2nd

E-books are growing more and more popular in academic and public libraries, and for good reasons!  Here at IU East, there are many benefits for patrons using electronic books.    1. E-books are easily accessible from the comfort of your own home, day or night.  Many IU East students do not live near campus.  Some […]

E-Book Publishers

Monday, February 20th

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the publishing world, you may have heard that Penguin Press has just withdrawn support for their e-books from libraries.  Now, of the ‘Big Six’ publishers, only Random House still makes e-book content available for libraries to lend.   Does this mean that the library will no […]