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ALA Annual Alerts Librarians to Ideas and Innovations

Monday, July 16th

Every June the American Library Association holds their Annual Conference; this year I had the opportunity of attending it, in Anaheim, CA, for the first time.  The American Library Association is a professional organization for all disciplines of librarians to receive support for their positions in the form of networking, resources, and professional development opportunities, […]

New Orleans: After Katrina, Then and Now

Monday, July 18th

New Orleans, or NOLA, is a great place to attend a conference. I recently attended my fifth American Library Association annual meeting there. In June 2006, ALA was the first conference in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the City. It was in the New Orleans convention center that was made famous by the […]

Intentional Spaces

Monday, July 11th

This year, while attending the annual American Library Association conference, graduate intern Sarah Gilchrist presented on “The Library Living Room: Creating Learning Relationships” (you can see her poster behind her in the picture).  Thousands of librarians from all over the country attend the ALA annual conference, and Sarah’s presentation gave us a chance to share […]

New Information in Genealogy

Monday, November 1st

The Indiana State Library has recently hosted two genealogy workshops.  This fall the Indiana Genealogy and Local History Fair had vendors selling county history books, introductions to county libraries, and genealogy supply vendors.  The best part, this year, were the three speakers.  The first speaker, Marianne S. Wokeck, gave a presentation on “What Was in […]

ALA Conference Recap

Monday, July 5th

The American Library Association’s annual conference was held in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  26,000 librarians from all over the country converged to discuss the pressing issues of libraries and information access.  This was the first time I had attended, and I was amazed at the scale and breadth of opportunities and challenges facing librarians today. […]