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Fine Arts Questions

Monday, July 7th

This summer, we’ve been examining the tools available to you to perform the best possible research at IU East – from broadly applicable general techniques to in-depth tools for specific disciplines.  This week, we’ll explore the fine arts. Fine arts is a broad subject, including the graphic arts, music, and performance art.  You might be […]

Art Resources

Sunday, January 26th

This month, IU East has opened a brand new art center, Room 912, in downtown Richmond.  It’s a place for study, practice, and display – Room 912 includes classroom and studio space, as well as a gallery, for IU East and the local community.  It’s a great way to expand IU East’s rapidly growing fine […]

Women in Art

Monday, June 3rd

Ann Kim, Indiana University East Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, and her students this summer are exploring the representation and depiction of women in art.  The students will be sharing their knowledge with the public during two free lectures at the Richmond Art Museum on June 12 and June 26, from 12:45-1:45.  One of the […]

E-Resources for You!

Tuesday, October 27th

Find scholarly e-resources at the Campus Library. Use your mobile phone to find information at IU East. Be a Smart student.