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Catalog Facelift

Monday, May 6th

Long gone are the days of card-based catalogs, but still, the library’s online catalog continues to improve.  You may have tried the new version of IUCAT – the search box on our home page uses it – but now the bugs are worked out and it is our official index for books, ebooks, videos, reserves, […]

Libguides: reliable research resources ..Trust the Guide!

Monday, January 31st

IU East Campus Library has reached the milestone of 100 published library guides!  Since September 2009 IU East has been a member of the “Libguides” Community, which includes 1,857 libraries worldwide, representing 28,000 librarians who have contributed almost 140,000 publicly searchable guides on topics ranging from Art to Zoology.  At IU East, our libguides are […]

Best of….

Monday, December 27th

Of course this is the time of year when reflection is rampant and “best of…” lists beset us.  So why should the library be any different?  So here’s a smattering of selected websites popular with some IU East library staff.  Enjoy!  Lora uses the Charity Navigator as a reliable way to research a charity […]

Your Library on Facebook

Monday, September 20th

One thing we really want to do here at the Library is be where our people are – not just physically, but on a deeper level, as well.  That’s why we’ve added things like informal instruction and the library living room to our more traditional offerings.  But we wanted those broad and diverse types of […]

Jargon Junction

Monday, March 1st

This is Matt again. So, in case you hadn’t noticed, the library’s just launched a new web site.  And one big thing that’s changed was something that surprised me. A lot of the words I use all the time and think are obvious are instead off-putting jargon to people.  So while the old website was […]