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Blog On!

Sunday, October 11th

Welcome to the new blog for your Campus Library! Because libraries contain a wealth of diverse perspectives on a variety of topics it seems fitting to have many perspectives and ideas represented in this blog. Therefore, writing our weekly blog entries will be rotated among our seven (lucky 7!) library staff members. I might also […]

New: Campus Library Toolbar

Friday, September 5th

One thing I have learned as a librarian, is that most other librarians share great ideas and resources. I have not been disappointed this year. At a recent gathering of Indiana University librarians, Kirsten Leonard, from the Indiana University Kokomo campus, shared information about a tool she found during a presentation at a library-related conference. […]

Follow the dragon….

Tuesday, August 26th

Campus Library–The fall semester begins, Monday August 25, 2008 at Indiana University East. New and exciting tools are available at the Campus Library to help students and faculty research and review literature. The new search tool developed from Serial Solutions federated 360 SEARCH product and locally the instance is named, Red Hot Search. A related […]

Red Hot Search “Ignites” Campus library Searches

Tuesday, August 26th

Wow, it is RED-HOT in the Campus Library! Our searches are on fire! Searches on library databases have been relegated to one-at-a-time searching for most of the databases subscribed to by the Campus Library. Google is seen as faster and more encompassing. Welcome RED-HOT-SEARCH! A multi-database, full-featured search tool. Since January 2008 the library staff […]