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Celebration of Service

Monday, August 17th

The IU East Academic Outreach Summer Tutoring Program wrapped up this past week, with thirteen IU East students tutoring a total of 38 K-12 students for 165 hours. Completing 155 sessions over the course of eleven weeks, all registrants were accommodated, even those on the waitlist. All of the parents/guardians (21) that completed evaluations agreed […]

Service “is vital for a human being”

Monday, March 9th

We continue our Center for Service-Learning (CSL) student profiles series with Jason Farmer, a sophomore at IU East. He is originally from Dunkirk in Jay County, Indiana. Jason is currently majoring in Psychology. He says of his future plans: “Nothing is set in solid because the future is not stone,” but he would love to […]

Meet Our Student Workers

Monday, May 23rd

Amy Major: Criminal Justice Class: Senior  Amy has worked for the library for a year, and has been an integral part of our circulation staff.  In last week’s blog, you saw her commitment to literacy in assisting with the Indiana Campus Compact, distributing free books to children.  In her time here, she has dabbled in […]

What Juvie Can Offer to YOU!

Monday, April 26th

So since I’ve been working at the library, I’ve had more than a handful of students tell me that they didn’t know there was a second floor to the library. I spend the majority of my time on the second floor, particularly in the “juvie section” (although other books that are available include teaching/education, music, […]

Library Work – Notes from the Inside

Monday, March 8th

Hello, I’m Hamid, a work study student at the library. There are a few misconceptions about library workers, and I’d like to tell you about what I do. Most of the time when I say that I work at a library, there is an assumption that I shush students and get to read all day.  […]