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New Video Database Trial

Monday, December 30th

When you are doing research, you know there are lots of resources the Campus Library provides.  But there are many other resources available, and vendors sometimes offer free trials.  Such is the case for a new video database, Meet the Press. And we want your feedback on if it would be useful for your research. […]

Gale Force Databases

Monday, June 24th

The library has added two great new resources!  Our list of databases now includes Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers and National Geographic Magazine Digital Archive, both from Gale.  Chances are you’re already familiar with a lot of great Gale databases.  From the major ones, Opposing Viewpoints and Biography in Context, to other mainstays like the […]

Take a Picture: Reference Question of the Week

Monday, February 11th

An interesting reference question that’s popped up a few times this week concerns finding information about old artists and photographers.   The best source to start with is Biography in Context.  Type in the name of your artist – you’ll find biographies and articles.  Let’s say we’re interested in Augustus Washington, who was active in the […]

Last Minute Research

Monday, December 5th

This time of year, with everything we have to do, a lot seems to get pushed to the last minute.  Last minute shopping, last minute decorating, last minute cooking, last minute cleaning… and last minute research.  We’ve all been there.  A big assignment, and it’s coming due… but we haven’t had time to do the […]

Healthy Searching

Monday, November 14th

In case you didn’t notice, it SNOWED last week!  This also means we’re entering cold and flu season; and it means you’re likely going to be “Google-ing” your symptoms.  Don’t try to deny it! I recently took an online course from the Reference & User Services Association (RUSA) on Health Information Literacy; which means understanding […]