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Oriented for Success

Monday, June 27th

Nice to meet you!  Library staff is always happy to participate in the campus-wide orientations for new students. This year, our information table features a bean bag toss game to enhance students’ awareness of library resources and services. For example, do you know the names of our main e-book vendors?  How about what a Libguide […]

New Software in the Library

Monday, October 18th

If you’re a regular to the library, you know about our study rooms — a great place to watch a video or work on a group project.  And now there are even more possibilities. Room 145 has been equipped with the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, a speech-recognition tool, courtesy of our friends in Student Support […]

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Monday, February 22nd

Hello, Matt here again. With IU East moving in so many new and exciting directions, we want to be sure that we keep up with what you actually need.  And because, despite all my effort to the contrary, I am not yet a mind reader, we need your feedback! So, we’ve got a user survey […]

NO, I am not getting paid to play with Barbies!

Monday, January 18th

Hey, Matt here again, reference and media coordinator for the library. So, some of our regular patrons have been seeing my office strewn with Barbie dolls. And no doubt you’ve thought that me dressing and posing toys is a phenomenal use of your tuition money. But it’s all been for a purpose! I promise! We […]

E-Resources for You!

Tuesday, October 27th

Find scholarly e-resources at the Campus Library. Use your mobile phone to find information at IU East. Be a Smart student.