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Long is the road we have already traveled

Monday, July 30th

 “Once in a while it is good to look back and see just how long is the road we have already traveled.” ~ Dr. Frederick Grohsmeyer (November 5, 1973) On Saturday, July 21, 2012 IU East lost its first director, Dr. Frederick Grohsmeyer, a man who helped to establish Indiana University East.  Thanks to the […]

We mourn the tragic death of a hero in the fight for human rights

Monday, July 23rd

“We mourn the tragic death of a hero in the fight for human rights. We weep for his family. We weep for the nation.”1    You’ve likely read about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in your history classes and heard second-hand accounts about the impact he had on the Civil Rights Movement in the United […]

Why E-Books are Right for You!

Monday, July 2nd

E-books are growing more and more popular in academic and public libraries, and for good reasons!  Here at IU East, there are many benefits for patrons using electronic books.    1. E-books are easily accessible from the comfort of your own home, day or night.  Many IU East students do not live near campus.  Some […]

Collaboration is the key: Libraries, Archives, and Museums working together to digitize collections

Monday, May 14th

The photo collection of the IU East Archives is available online at but ideally would be searchable with metadata through the IU Digital Library Program.  Certainly offering more collections online would increase their visibility, their usage, and hopefully encourage deeper research into the institutional history of Indiana University East.  So what’s stopping us?   […]

Where has the time gone?

Monday, December 12th

Would you like to take a fresh approach to American history research?  Have you considered looking at primary sources?  Many primary resources can be found on your own computer through the IU East Campus Library!  We have many interesting databases that could be used for a broad range of topics.  Here are just a few: […]