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Mental Health Awareness Month

Monday, April 28th

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme this year is ‘Mind Your Health’, a look at how mental health works as a component of overall health.  The mind and the body influence each other, and caring for one benefits the other.  That’s a principle that education has long espoused – physical education […]

World Book Night

Monday, April 21st

The book I chose this year is Rebecca Lee’s Bobcat and Other Stories—I chose this collection of short stories because I believe that short stories are a wonderful genre to use to get new or not so avid readers interested in literature. Lee creates a variety of interesting characters in her work that present the […]

Studying the Bard

Monday, April 14th

And since you know you cannot see yourself, so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself, that of yourself which you yet know not of. ~ William Shakespeare A bedrock foundation of any literature curriculum is William Shakespeare, who is still considered the greatest English-language author even over 400 years […]

Purple Up

Monday, April 7th

America honors and appreciates our veterans and their sacrifices, but at IU East this is especially so – we are routinely named one of the most military-friendly schools in the country, and as a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium, we offer flexible Bachelors and Masters programs online to make it as easy […]