ProQuest Mobile

ProQuest Mobile

We know how things are for college students – you’re busy.  Between classes, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find time to fit it all in.  And doing research can be vexing, if you have a sudden great idea about a topic or a search, but you’re nowhere near a computer.  So is there a solution for people on the go?

Absolutely.  Our catalog already allows you to send call numbers to yourself with the ‘text a call number’ button, and that can be useful for picking up books you want for your paper.  But what about getting articles and newspapers?  Yes you can, with a new mobile framework for the database ProQuest.

proquest mobile

ProQuest is one of our most significant multidisciplinary databases, with parts dedicated to business, nursing, social sciences, and more.  And ProQuest Mobile has all of it, accounting for about a third of IU East’s article access and even including the Palladium-Item.  It works on an iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android™, or BlackBerry® device.  And there are no apps that you need to install or download.

So you could do all of your research on your phone, if you wanted to.  All of the same content, and most of the same features and research tools that you’ve used on a PC, laptop, or tablet can be found here.  But probably, you’ll want to search on your phone and then read what you find later, on a bigger screen.  No problem – email them to yourself to look at later.  Set up a “My Research” account, and you can find, save, and share whatever you find.  The email button is on the upper right, just like traditional ProQuest.

So if you have a smart phone, give ProQuest Mobile a try.  It’s like having your library with you in your pocket!  And if you need any help, feel free to contact me at!

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